Guess the Olympian

Your chance to be an Olympic Hero!

hands around olympic rings

It’s an Olympic year and Great Britain’s finest Olympians and Paralympians will be taking on the world in Rio to join a long list of former British Olympic Heroes.

Here at HERIB we are also on a mission to find Heroes to help raise lots of money to help local people affected by sight loss.

Could you be a Hero and help us by organising one of our Guess the Olympian raffles?

Guess the Olympian – how does it work?

You can request your Guess the Olympian pack by emailing or calling HERIB on 01482  342297.

We will then send you one of our printed name cards.  Each card lists the names of 50 great British Olympians at £1 per guess so raises £50 in total.

People can buy as many guesses as they want.  You collect the money and once all the names have been sold, you scratch off and reveal the winning British Olympian’s name and present the prize to the lucky winner.

If you can provide a prize that would be amazing as it would mean even more money will be raised to help local people who are blind or partially sighted, however, HERIB can also supply you with a prize if you need us to.

More information

If you would like any further information or would like to order your Guess the Olympian pack today, please email or call us on 01482  342297 and ask for our Fundraising Department.