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Passenger Assistance Meeting and Greet Pilot

Hull City Council is looking to improve services for visually impaired passengers travelling through the Interchange in Hull. 

The trial for the bus passengers assistance meet and greet pilot is following feedback regarding the issues that blind and partially sighted passengers face when accessing the Interchange.

The pilot will run throughout March 2017.

The intention is that should the meet and greet service be deemed as successful following the pilot  it will be rolled out to the general public to offer assistance to any passengers which require support whilst accessing  the Interchange, however for the purpose of the pilot the scheme will only be available to members of HERIB.

During the pilot it is accepted that due to staffing levels at the Interchange, it may not always be possible to offer the service but this will be made clear at time of booking.

If you plan to use the interhcange over the coming weeks, please trial this pilot service and

Any feedback regarding the pilot can be sent to


• To make arrangements for the passenger assistance service contact the Public Transport Team via telephone or email giving a minimum of 24hours notice. , 07785520641.

• When booking the service you will need to provide your name and contact telephone number, the date and time of travel, the bus service you will be traveling on and/or the preferred meeting point.

• The Interchange Supervisor will confirm if the booking is possible at time of booking or via a confirmation email.

• The Interchange Supervisor will complete a booking form (internal use only)

• Any cancellation of bookings will need to be via telephone (as above)

• Should the Public Transport Team need to cancel the booking due to sickness etc, this will be done as soon as possible.

You can download a copy of the feedback form here: Meet and Greet Feedback Form