Looking Ahead

Do you need some help adjusting to your visual impairment?

Looking Ahead is a series of weekly information session for those getting accustomed to their loss of vision.

Each session will focus on a topic or barrier that a person with sight loss may face and will offer constructive advice to help maintain your independence, keep in touch, get around safely and understanding your eye condition.

Along with the team at HERIB, experts from other local organisations will be providing advice and guidance. The information sessions will be particularly useful for:

  • People newly or recently diagnosed with a visual impairment.
  • Family members and/or carers of people with visual impairments.

The weekly session will take place between 1.30 - 3pm in the Training room at HERIB.

Course Dates: 2018
To be confirmed.

The course is FREE  however donations are always welcome.

For more details about Looking Ahead or to book a place, please call Tracy Atkinson at HERIB on 01482  342 297.